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Patching Tools

Tools that help you apply patches to roms.


 File   Platform   License   Date   Size   
 IPSWin 2.0 Utility to apply IPS patches   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   246 Kb.   View homepage 
 IPS Utility to apply IPS patches to roms   DOS   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   17 Kb.    

Game Music Players - WinAMP

I believe that everyone knows WinAMP. The list that follows contains plugins that will allow you to run game music files. You can get WinAMP from the official site.


 File   Platform   License   Date   Size   
 Highly Experimental 1.10R Play PSF and MiniPSF files(playstation).   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   250 Kb.   View homepage 
 Bleep! 1.04 Use to play NES NSF music files.   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   19 Kb.   View homepage 
 CYM Play Callus CYM music files   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   79 Kb.    
 Nosefart 2.03 Another NSF player   Windows   Freeware   Aug 13, 2004   32 Kb.   View homepage 
 YMAMP 2.0 Play Genesis GYM and Callus CYM music files.   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   56 Kb.   View homepage 
 SidAmp 1.34 Play C64 SID music files.   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   143 Kb.   View homepage 
 Vmaj Dreamcast sound Emulator 1.03 Play Sega Dreamcast Audio files (.adx).   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   4 Kb.    
 SNESAmp 3.03 Play .SPC and .ZST SNES music files.   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   484 Kb.   View homepage 

Other Music Players

Standalone game music players.


 File   Platform   License   Date   Size   
 Nebula Jukebox 2.8 Play the music from all the games supported in the Nebula emulator   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   275 Kb.   View homepage 
 NeoJukebox 2.7 Play NeoGeo music from roms.   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   451 Kb.    
 Sappy 1.6 Play music from some GBA games.   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   70 Kb.   View homepage 
 Meridian Advance 1.09 Plays NSF, SPC, GYM, and GBS music files.   Windows   Freeware   Jan 26, 2004   339 Kb.   View homepage 

Misc Tools


 File   Platform   License   Date   Size   
 Emula-Menu 1.95 A handy tool for launching emulators.   Windows   Freeware   Nov 15, 2004   137 Kb.    

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