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Super Nintendo Emulators

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was Nintendo's first 16 bit gaming console that was originally released in Japan.

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  • CPU: 65c816 (16-bit)
  • CPU speed: 2.68 and 3.58 Mhz
  • RAM memory: 1 Mbit (128 Kbyte)
  • Picture Proc. Unit: 16-bit
  • Video RAM: 0.5 Mbit (64 Kbyte)
  • Resolution: 256x224 512 x 448 pixels max hi res and interlaced modes
  • Colors Available: 32,768 colors
  • Max colors on screen: 256 colors
  • Max sprite size: 64 x 64 pixels
  • Max sprites: 128
  • Min/Max Cart Size: 2 Mbit - 48 Mbit
  • Sound chip: 8-bit Sony SPC700
  • Sound channels: 8, uses compressed wave samples

Download the emulators

 ZSNES   Windows / DOS   Freeware          Rating: 8.9 (37261 Votes) 
  One of the best Super Nintendo emulators available. Initially DOS only, but now also for Windows.
 Snes9x   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 8.9 (17522 Votes) 
  Great Super Nintendo emulator with ports available for several systems.
 higan   Windows   GPLv3          Rating: 7.6 (181 Votes) 
  NES - SNES - Gameboy - Gameboy Advance emulator
 bsnes   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 7.5 (1427 Votes) 
 SNEeSe   DOS   Freeware          Rating: 7.1 (359 Votes) 
  Super Nintendo emulator for DOS
 SnEM   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 6.7 (885 Votes) 
  SNES Emulator
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