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Miscellaneous Emulators

This section includes emulators that simply don't fit well in any other section on the site. And in order to prevent having to make an individual section for every emulator, they're gathered here in one list.

Please note that while normally emulators are sorted by the votes they have received, this sort order does not have much meaning on this page as most emulators are quite different in terms of what systems they emulate.


 M.E.S.S.   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 8.2 (41 Votes) 
  Multiple Emulator Super System
 Nostalgia   Windows   Free          Rating: 8.2 (6 Votes) 
  Intellivision Emulator
 Mednafen   windows   Free          Rating: 7.3 (6 Votes) 
  multiple system emulator
 RetroCopy   Windows/Linux   Free          Rating: 7.1 (59 Votes) 
  Multiple system emulator
 WinArcadia   Windows   Free          Rating: 6.8 (102 Votes) 
  Emulator for Signetics-based machines
 Turbo Engine   Windows   Free          Rating: 6.8 (35 Votes) 
 GeePee32   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 4.0 (7 Votes) 
  GP32 emulator.
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