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MAME 0.191 released October 25, 2017 by GHDpro

A new version of the arcade emulator MAME has been released. Here are the major changes in version 0.191:

This release includes an experimental Hitachi SH3 recompiler from frequent contributor David "Haze" Haywood that shows promising performance improvements for Cave CV-1000 emulation, and holds the tantalizing possibility of bringing similar gains to systems based on the SH4 in the future (including Sega NAOMI). Bug fixes to the Saturn/ST-V emulation will enhance your enjoyment of numerous Sega titles from the '90s. There have also been some optimizations and improvements to MIPS3 and Voodoo emulation, as used in a number of 3D arcade systems.

For fans of systems more often experienced at home, David Haywood also rewrote most of the Gamate emulation, taking it from mostly broken to (hopefully) best-in-class. We've also got some important bug fixes for the Tatung Einstein, the NEC PC-Engine console, and the M6809 CPU used by the Tandy CoCo family (among other things). Three more Tiger handhelds have been added for this release, namely Batman, Judge Dredd, and Swamp Thing. The hard limit of four emulated screens has been lifted, allowing you to plug in more video cards, more serial terminals, or just emulate systems that just have lots of screens.

You can find the full list of changes here. You can download the new version from the MAME page.

higan v105 released October 9, 2017 by GHDpro

A new version of the highly accurate Super Nintendo Emulator higan has been released. Here are the major changes in version v105:

  • higan: many improvements to Emulator::Interface to support forks/frontends
  • higan: refreshed program icon
  • icarus: new program icon
  • Game Boy Advance: slight emulation speedup over v104
  • Game Boy Advance: synchronize APU FIFO updates better
  • Mega Drive: added automatic region detection [hex_usr]
  • Mega Drive: support 8-bit SRAM
  • Game Boy Advance: fixed bug when changing to THUMB mode via MSR [MerryMage]
  • Master System: fix bug in backdrop color and background 0 priority [hex_usr]
  • Mega Drive: backgrounds always update output priority bit [Cydrak]
  • Mega Drive: emulated interlaced video output
  • Mega Drive: emulated shadow/highlight mode [Cydrak]
  • Super Famicom: auto joypad polling clears the shift register when starting
  • Super Famicom: added new low-entropy RAM initialization mode to more closely match hardware
  • Game Boy Advance: rumble will now time out after being left on for 500ms
  • ruby: improved rumble support in udev input driver [ma_rysia]
  • M68K: move.b (a7)[+/-] adjust a7 by two
  • M68K: illegal/lineA/lineF opcodes do not modify the stack register
  • Mega Drive: emulate VIP status bit
  • uPD7725: improved emulation of OV1/S1 flags [byuu, AWJ, Lord Nightmare]
  • uPD7725: improved handling of DP, RP updates [Jonas Quinn]
  • Super Famicom: improved emulation of mosaic effects in hires, interlace, and offset-per-tile modes [byuu, Cydrak]
  • ruby: improved Direct3D exclusive mode monitor selection [Cydrak]
  • Super Famicom: fixed save state bug affecting SuperFX games [Cydrak]
  • Mega Drive: added workaround for Clang compiler bug; allowing this core to work on macOS [Cydrak, Sintendo]
  • higan: hotkeys now also trigger when the main window lacks focus yet higan is set to allow input on focus loss
  • higan: fixed an edge case where int16_t <> double audio conversion could possibly result in overflows
  • higan: fixed a crash on macOS when choosing quit from the application menu [ncbncb]
The author of higan (byuu) notes on his homepage that this will be last release of higan for a while. You can download the new version from the higan page.

Cemu 1.10.0 released October 3, 2017 by GHDpro

A new public version of the Wii U emulator Cemu has been released. Here are the changes in version 1.10.0:

  • New audio backend
  • Customizable path for mlc01 directory
  • RDTSC timer (smoother gameplay, better audio)
  • Bug fixes
You can download the new version from the Cemu page.

RPCS3's Patreon page receives DMCA notice from Atlus USA September 27, 2017 by GHDpro

This weekend Patreon received a DMCA (copyright infringement) notice for the Patreon page for the Playstation 3 emulator RPCS3. They claimed that the emulator was infringing on their copyright as it allows emulation of Persona 5, but in order to do so would require you to bypass their DRM.

Fortunately Patreon realized that taking down funding for an emulator because of a single game doesn't make sense and did not comply with Atlus' request. But to be on the safe side any reference to Persona 5 has been removed from RPCS3's Patreon page and website. More information: Atlus' official statement, RPCS3 team's response and this news even made it to Gamasutra.

I guess Atlus now needs to learn that DMCA notices don't quite work that way and also what the Streisand effect is.

MAME 0.190 released September 27, 2017 by GHDpro

A new version of the arcade emulator MAME has been released. Here are the major changes in version 0.190:

The preservation train keeps rolling on with the scheduled September release of MAME 0.190. The Gaelco spree continues with Glass, Alligator Hunt and Maniac Square, and we've added support for two games on the hilariously misguided Tiger R-Zone system: Batman Forever and Indy 500. Emulation has been greatly improved for Mazer Blazer, Great Guns, and the Tecmo World Cup '94 family of games, although all these games still have issues with unemulated protection.

In computer emulation, we've added support for ZX Spectrum slot devices. You'll still get the Kempston Joystick Interface by default, but you can now swap it out for other devices, including a number of Currah cartridges. There are also some big improvements to the HP9000/300 series, and support for HP85 option ROMs.

You can find the full list of changes here. You can download the new version from the MAME page.

Mesen 0.9.3 released September 9, 2017 by GHDpro

A new version of the excellent NES Emulator Mesen has been released. Here are the major changes in version 0.9.3:

New Features

  • UI: All UI shortcuts are now customizable in the Preferences (multi-key shortcuts are now supported).
  • UI: Added a link to the new online documentation site in the Help menu.
Bug Fixes

  • Cheats: Fixed crash when cheats window was opened
  • HD Packs: Fixed sprite recording in HD Pack Builder and crashes when loading HD packs in some conditions.
  • Debugger: Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Linux: Fixed some crashes and layout fixes.
  • Dendy: Fixed regression bug with intensify color and grayscale bits emulation.
If you already have Mesen, just launch it and it will self-update. You can also download the new version from the Mesen page.