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PC-Engine Emulators

The PC-Engine was basically an 8 bit machine that was released in 1987 at a time that NES, ZX-Spectrum, Master System, MSX & other consoles ruled the market.

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Besides the great quality of games the PC-Engine is also known for one more reason, it was the first videogame system to use the high storage capacity of a CD for games. That is why, from then on, the CD became the standard media for videogames.
  • System Specs:
  • Custom 8bit CPU: HuC6280 (7.16MHz)
  • Video Processor: HuC6270
  • Color Processor: HuC6260
  • Color Pallet: 512
  • On screen: 512 (256 for sprites, 256 for the background.)
  • Screen resolution 256x216
  • Sound: 6 channel stereo (5-bit sampling)
  • Can Control 64 sprites at once (16 colors and 32x64 max size.)
  • Ram: 8 Kbyte (TurboDuo = 32 Kbyte)
  • Video Ram: 64Kbyte " 512 Kbit"
  • Cart Size: 256Kbit - 20 Megabit Max. (S.F. 2) Normally 8 Mbits
  • Turbo CD / TurboDuo CD ROM Speed: 1x

Download emulators

 Magic Engine   Windows   Shareware          Rating: 7.5 (290 Votes) 
  PC-Engine emulator.
 Ootake   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 7.5 (70 Votes) 
 Turbo Engine   Windows   Free          Rating: 6.8 (35 Votes) 
 XPCE   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 6.1 (16 Votes) 
  PC-Engine emulator.
 HU-GO   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 5.1 (26 Votes) 
  PC-Engine emulator.
 Hu6280   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 4.4 (8 Votes) 
  PC-Engine emulator.
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