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Gameboy Advance Emulators

The successor of the all time classic that shortly became a hit just like it's "father". The fact that Gameboy Advance plays the older Gameboy titles means you get to use the older games. There is also another version of the Advance called SP.

  • CPU: 16 MHz 32-bit RISC-CPU + 8-bit CISC-CPU
  • Memory: 32KB WRAM + 96KB VRAM + 256KB WRAM
  • Screen: Reflective TFT Colour LCD
  • Screen Size: 40.8 mm x 61.2 mm
  • Resolution: 240 x 160 pixels
  • Display Ability: 32 000 colours
  • Sound: Mono speakers, stereo headphones
  • Multiplayer Options: Up to four GBAs, up to two GB/GBCs
  • Power: Two AA batteries, or battery pak
  • Battery life: 15 hours for batteries, 10 hours for battery pack
  • Dimensions: 82 mm x 144.5 mm x 24.5 mm


 Visual Boy Advance   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 9.0 (75988 Votes) 
  Probably the best Gameboy Advance emulator available.
 BoycottAdvance   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 7.9 (3169 Votes) 
  Good GBA emulator with sound. Runs several commercial games.
 NO$GBA   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 7.9 (35971 Votes) 
  Gameboy Advance Emulator with multiplayer support. Now Supports Nintendo DS as well.
 BatGBA   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 7.4 (847 Votes) 
  Gameboy Advance emulator.
 higan   Windows   GPLv3          Rating: 7.4 (149 Votes) 
  NES - SNES - Gameboy - Gameboy Advance emulator
 DreamGBA   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 7.1 (801 Votes) 
  Supports sound and runs some games. Uses a seperate loader program. Requires GBA BIOS.
 RascalBoy Advance   Windows   Freeware          Rating: 7.0 (745 Votes) 
  Gameboy Advance emulator.
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