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For general help with emulation check the Help page.

Site related questions

Q: I can't open the files I've downloaded / What are zip/rar/7z files?

A: Most files on this site are either installers or ".zip" files. A popular program for opening ".zip" files is 7-Zip. See the Utilities page for more information.

Q: Do you have an emulator for system X?

A: This site only has a limited selection of emulators for Windows. If you need an emulator for another console or operating system check the Emulation General Wiki.

Emulator related questions

Q: I've got a problem running UltraHLE

A: Check the UltraHLE FAQ page for more information.

Q: When I run the emulator it says it is missing DDRAW.DLL or DINPUT.DLL

A: You either don't have Microsoft DirectX installed, or you have an outdated version. For more information, see the Utilities page or click here to go to the Microsoft DirectX download site directly.

Q: Is it safe to run emulators on my computer?

A: In general most emulators don't go through an extensive beta period before being released to the public. As such there may be emulators which may cause problems and which may damage files. Fortunately of course this doesn't happen often. Generally emulators are safe to use, but use them at your own risk.

Q: ePSXe keeps asking me to configure the video plugin

A: You can download plugins (including video plugins) from the Playstation Plugins page. For more information on which plugins to use, see the ePSXe Help pages on the ePSXe site.

Q: Other questions

A: If your question isn't answered here, try posting your question in the appropriate section of the forum.
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