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The Emulator Zone is not responsible for the content of the sites listed as affiliates. The content of those sites is their responsibility alone.
  • Best Download
    This site is a refreshing alternative for Download.com. Download tons of free software and games.
  • RomCenter
    RomCenter is a ROM manager with support for many systems.
  • Old Skool Games
    Nice site with game reviews for, as the site title suggests, older games for NES, Genesis and SNES.
  • ChronicGames.NET
    UK based supplier of new and used consoles, games & accessories for all classic and retro systems.
  • Hellsoft.net
    Hellsoft.net, is a spanish community of RPGmaking.
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Recommended Links

  • Retro Games
    Great emulation site with emulation and other interesting news!
  • Zophar's Domain
    The legendary emulation site. One of the oldest on the net.
  • Game FAQs
    If you need reviews, faqs, guides or codes for a game (no matter how rare) this site has it.
  • RPGFan
    After the death of TheGIA, this site has taken it's place as the best site for RPG related news.
  • The Magic Box
    The latest console gaming news from Japan.
  • Kim Lemon's Commodore 64 Game Site
    Incredible good Commodore 64 site, with over 2900 games for download!
  • Dreamcast Emulation
    Emulators and other neat software for use on your Dreamcast!

Online Comics

  • Mega Tokyo
    The adventures of two American guys, an anime otaku (Piro) and a quake freak (Largo), who are stuck in Japan.
  • Penny Arcade
    Great game related cartoons.
  • Little Gamers
    Small guys, but lots of fun.
  • User Friendly
    Fun cartoon about an Internet Service Provider and it's employees.
  • SinFest
    A fun cartoon featuring a pimp, bitch, pig, God, devil, angels and a chinese dragon.
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