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Please read this before you continue:
  • Have a question? Check the FAQ first!
    Please check if your question is already answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page first. I will not answer questions which can be easily found on the FAQ page.
  • Questions about where to download games, ROMs or the Playstation BIOS
    Don't bother asking these kind of questions, they will be ignored. Instead try searching for them on a search engine such as Google, Newsgroups, IRC or P2P software.
  • Questions about getting help with emulators or games
    If you have trouble running an emulator or playing a game, please post your question in the appropriate section of the Forum. I will not answer these kind of questions by email.
  • Where to get emulators for other systems
    You may have noticed The Emulator Zone has only a limited collection of emulators for Windows and DOS only. If you can't find the emulator you are looking for here, try Zophar's Domain.
  • Link or Affiliate requests
    Only quality websites (both in design and content), which are professionally hosted (you must have your own domain, no free homepages) and have been online for at least 6 months (requests from new sites are ignored) may be considered. English language sites preferred.
  • Questions about any "working" PS2/XBox/GameCube/DC you may have found
    If the news is not on other major emulation news sites then it is most likely a fake and does not work! Do not mail me the links or the files, I will not test it for you, as fake emulators may contain viruses or trojan horses!
  • Anything else
    Due to circumstances I'm not able to reply to email in a timely fashion at the moment. If you have a question, please post it on the Forum where I or another forum member can answer it. If you have questions directed at the site staff (like affiliate requests for example) post them in the Site &Forum Feedback section of the forum.
  • Contacting directly
    If you wish to contact us directly for matters not mentioned in this page you can do it by using the Site &Forum Feedback section of the forum, using the private messaging system of the forum or using the email script of this page(make sure you use a valid Email address so we can contact you).
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