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BGB is a Gameboy emulator that features:
  • emulation of the GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and the Super GameBoy
  • runs almost all roms perfectly.
  • Accurate sound emulation, sounds exactly as on a real GB/GBC. sound can be written to .wav file.
  • accurate video emulation. The screen looks exactly as on a real GB/GBC.
  • This emulator is fast.
  • Joystick/Gamepad support, everything configurable
  • MBC3 Real Time Clock emulation.
  • Auto delay/frameskip, gameboy runs at 100% real speed.
  • GameGenie and GameShark cheat
  • save/load state with quick (zsnes style) keys.
  • Configurable keys and screen colors.
  • Load from zip and gzip files
  • This program does not use DirectX or runtime libraries.
  • support for fullscreen mode with optional border bitmap.
  • TCP/IP game link support

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 BGB 1.5.10   Windows   Freeware   Oct 18, 2022   469 Kb.   View homepage 
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