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PlayGuy is a freeware emulator featuring:
  • Full CPU core emulation, accurate timings, interrupts, DMA, etc.
  • Color and Classic GameBoy support.
  • Ability to set default handheld - Auto, GB, SGB, Pocket GB, GBC, or GBA.
  • MBC1/MBC2/MBC3/MBC5 support.
  • MBC3 Real Time Clock Supported - SRAM and Save State consistency.
  • Superior sound support - All four sound channels fully emulated in stereo.
  • Selectable sound channels and sampling rate.
  • 16, 32(24) bpp color support.
  • Filters - MMX optimized Interpolation, 2xSaI, Super Eagle, and Super 2xSaI.
  • Three pre-defined windowed sizes - Small (1x/2x with Filters), Medium (approx. half screen height), Large (largest possible integer multiple).
  • Optional VSync to prevent screen tearing (windowed mode).
  • Selectable Fullscreen Mode.
  • Auto Frame Skip. Selectable Minimum Frame Skip.
  • Save States. Quick saving and loading of states via accelerator keys and up to 100 Save State Slots.
  • ZIP and RAR archive support.
  • Fully customizable button inputs - keyboard and joystick support.
  • Drag & Drop Support.
  • Recently used ROM list.
  • Supports Pausing and Background Deactivation.
  • Configurable Save Directories.
  • PNG and BMP Screenshots - Scalable from 1x to 8x.
  • Displays FPS in Title Bar/Status Line.
  • Status Bar Information (Windowed & Fullscreen). *] Fast Forward with Spacebar.

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 PlayGuy 1.03b   Windows   Freeware   Aug 14, 2003   223 Kb.   View homepage 
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