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This is a Multi-Machine emulator called MEKA. It was first developed for working under MS-DOS & the first release for Windows was 0.62c and now you are able to play under Linux too. At first, it was started as a Sega Master System emulator, by now it supports several systems:
  • Sega Game 1000 (SG-1000)
  • Sega Computer 3000 (SC-3000)
  • Sega Super Control Station (SF-7000)
  • Sega Mark III (+ FM Unit)
  • Sega Master System (SMS)
  • Sega Game Gear (GG)
  • ColecoVision (COLECO)
  • Othello Multivision (OMV)
Most of the games are fully playable, only a few won't work well, just in case check the compatibility list.

Minimum Requirements:
Pentium 233 (MMX preferred)
64 MB Ram
Latest DirectX

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 File   Platform   License   Date   Size   
 Meka 2023-03-27   Windows   Freeware   May 8, 2023   1607 Kb.   View homepage 
 MEKA WIP 2007-05-08 WIP Version   Windows   Freeware   May 15, 2007   779 Kb.   View homepage 
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